Parents Take Special Needs Child To Restaurant. I Was Amazed At His Transformation.

Parents of special needs kids have one of the hardest jobs out there. They have to raise a child that, in many cases, will never be able to care for themselves at any point in their lives. It’s such a burden knowing that they will likely be putting these children into a group home when they have no way of being able to keep looking after them when they get older. But there are times that miracles do happen. Like what happened to Caiden Lane and his parents, Mashanda and Michael Lane.

It turned out that Caiden had had a stroke when he was in his mommy’s womb. The area of his brain that had been affected was the one that regulates speech. Doctors warned them that Caiden would probably never walk or talk. That’s devastating news to hear but they still showered him with love because he was their child. Then one time, they decided to take him to their local Chick-fil-A for an event. They were eating dinner and out of the blue, Caiden said, “Chick-fil-A makes me so happy!”

His mommy suddenly started gushing tears since this was the first time he had ever spoken. Alarmed at the crying customer, the manager went over to see what was wrong. “He’s talkin! He’s talking!” she managed to tell him. Now Caiden is a regular at the restaurant and the staff treats him like a little celebrity. He enjoys their indoor playground and is much more outgoing, which is a huge change from the days when he would sit and stare at nothing.

Now Caiden is a happy, smiling child. It’s amazing to see him exceeding everything the doctors initially told the Lane family. He’s very active physically – walking, climbing, kicking a football and running around a lot. The people of Chick-fil-A really helped bring him out of his shell. Some might think this whole thing was just a commercial for the restaurant. Those people might be angry at the founder’s stance on certain social issues. That attitude demeans what this family went through. Celebrate Caiden, instead.

I loved seeing Caiden running around and playing. What a remarkable turnaround. What did you think of the video? Please tell us your thoughts below!

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