Park Ranger Finds Amazing Historical Artifact Leaning Against Tree. How Long Was It There?

I’m always fascinated to hear about old things being found and displayed at museums. When I walk by those exhibits, it’s like I see the ghosts of the people who used it in the area. No. I’m not saying I’m like that kid in “The Sixth Sense.” I don’t REALLY see dead people. It just feels like an amazing connection with a bygone era and it’s just really cool to think of how they carved out their lives, thinking they were at the peak of technology at the time. Take the item that was found in this video, for example.

A park ranger at the Great Basin National Park in Nevada made an amazing discovery. No, not the Fountain of Youth. A Winchester rifle, which was made in 1882, was leaning up against a tree in a very remote area. It had been there at least since 1986, when the park first opened, but was likely there a LOT longer. A search of the serial number proved its date of creation but they had no idea who owned it.

There’s a bit of a lively debate about the length of time that the rifle had been left there. Some argued that it wasn’t more than a few decades, since there was a lack of weathering and the tree hadn’t grown over it. Others point out that the conditions there make it difficult for this particular tree to grow that much and it barely rains there, which would explain the relative lack of rust.

Barring scientists ever figuring out how to time travel, we will never find out the real reason why this rifle was left leaning against a tree, possibly for well over a century. Did its original owner put it there to rest and then immediately get eaten by a bear? The bear’s long gone… he’s not going to be able to tell what happened. This will remain one of life’s true mysteries.. at least this artifact was found and is now on exhibit.

One person snorted at the $25-50 price tag for the rifle. Winchesters are MUCH more expensive these days. Then again, 1882 prices were quite different from today. I think if those people were transported to today… they’d blanch at the price of everything. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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