If a parked car flashes its lights at you this is what could happen next!

Thieves will try any trick in the book to relieve you of your hard-earned cash or belongings, and we all need to keep our eyes out for each other when they start using new tactics. Recently, in South Carolina, a woman found out the hard way what the next tool was in the robber’s trade – using high beam car headlights.

As she pulled into a Walmart car park and chose a space, a vehicle swung in directly in front of her. This wouldn’t usually be anything out of the ordinary and it happens all the time, right? Except on this occasion, the car’s full beams suddenly flashed on, which from such a close range can be extremely blinding and disorientating – and that’s exactly the trick they were going for.

At the same time, two men had surrounded her vehicle and were attempting to gain entry. Luckily, her doors were locked (which is another useful habit to get into) and although she was blinded by the flashing lights before her, she managed to back the car away and drive off. Later, a friend of the victim posted her ordeal online and within moments it had done viral – and that’s when the police stepped in to check the validity of this dangerous new tactic – and there was more than one occurrence.

Police visited the Walmart store to pull their security camera footage and try and identify the individuals responsible, but as yet they have been unsuccessful. They issue some advice in the video below for how to handle the situation, should you find yourself as the target of such an attack.

Stay in your vehicle, keep the doors securely locked and drive away as soon as possible. From there notify the police at the earliest opportunity. If the perpetrators attempt to follow you, drive to a well-lit convenience store or police station. Staying as calm as possible will also help your situation.

Watch this shocking video report below and share with family members and friends. You never know when this sage advice could come in handy in the continuing fight against crime. The woman in this attack was so shaken up that she had to flee the state and spend some time away because she was so frightened. Pass this advice on, be vigilant and stay safe out there! And we hope that the police find these criminals as soon as possible!