This Parrot Asks His Friend For A Kiss, But I Burst Out Laughing When He Did This

Who says that it’s only people that have to deal with relationship problems? Our bird friends and pets can have their own fair share of them, I’m sure. If you are uncertain of what I’m saying, look no further than the video you will find below here. We often think that animals don’t feel love the way we do or that they don’t have stronger feelings for one animal over another, but I don’t think that’s true after watching this poor bird suffer from unrequited love.

In it, you can see how a very beautiful green parrot named JoJo is being very friendly with his smaller friend, named Buddy. JoJo tries his hardest to get his friend’s attention, but it seems like a difficult task. Buddy just does not seem interested in JoJo. JoJo tries some kisses and flirtatious bird moves, but they had very little effect on her love interest.

Nothing seems to do the trick for this young bird in love! Buddy is being very stubborn about JoJo, and JoJo just won’t give up on her poor beloved bird friend. JoJo keeps trying harder and harder, but Buddy just won’t give her the time of day. Poor JoJo. She’s a very beautiful bird and quite clever, so I can’t understand why Buddy just isn’t in the mood for love. Find out how this tragic love bird story concludes in the video when you watch it yourself!

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