Parrot Finds That He Can’t Do His Favorite Activity. Wait For What He Does Next.

Pets show their displeasure at things not going their way in a variety of actions. A dog may chew up half the things in a house. A cat may knock over a plant or just poop in a place that they know that they are not supposed to. It’s an act of rebellion to let their parents know that they were mad. I’ve never seen anything like what happens in this video, though. It’s simultaneously annoying and cute.

The video shows a parrot named Eric. He’s had other videos where he wears a leash and harness and just LOVES going outside. The problem, in case the video title didn’t alert you, is that it’s raining. There’s to be no outdoor walk that day. Well. Eric doesn’t like that ONE bit. He jumps on a shelf, opens a jar of coins and starts flinging them on the floor. This is his version of a temper tantrum. It’s fascinating.

Eric just loves going outside. This is his version of cabin fever. It’s not like he can sit down and watch TV or play games on a tablet to pass by the time. Who knows, if there was an Olympic sport for coin tossing, he’d be a gold medalist. Maybe his mommy or daddy should contact the IOC. It’d be more entertaining than some of the events that they already show. I’m hoping the next day was sunny.

I have to say that Eric has some REALLY patient parents. The funny part is when the daddy comes in and sees all the coins on the floor. He has to have seen this type of thing before. He just sighs and stares at his mug for a second. He gently scolds Eric, telling him that he has to clean up the mess. I’m just glad my son doesn’t act out like this. Then again, I wouldn’t film him doing that…

Eric may be a bit entitled, but he is still so cute. I couldn’t stay mad at him. How about you? What would you do? Please tell us your thoughts below!

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