When a parrot flirts with her boyfriend, it’s even funnier than you’d think

Parrots are well-known for their beautiful, colorful plumage. But what they’re most famous for is their incredible intelligence and talkativeness. Parrots are experts at mimicking sounds. Originally this was in their natural environment, but pet parrots are adept at imitating radio and television programs, other pets, and most remarkably of all, human speech. Just by listening to us humans, a parrot can pick up quite a vocabulary and when that knowledge is put at the service of a zany parrot personality, the result is always hilarious.

The video posted below will show you what it’s like when parrots are on their version of going out on a date. Jojo is a lovely Indian ringneck who’s perched right next to her boyfriend Buddy, a Quaker parrot. There’s not the slightest doubt Jojo has a major crush on Buddy. She snuggles right up to him and doesn’t hold back any affection or tenderness. After asking him “Watcha doin’?” Jojo gets right to the point telling Buddy: “Oh! Pretty! Gimme kiss?” Before he can even answer, she nuzzles her beak against his neck and makes a smooching sound! Apparently Buddy is the strong, silent type because he responds by silently shaking and quaking. You might wonder if he’s freaking out and stalling for time while he thinks of a way to make a graceful exit. But not so: when Quaker parrots are happy or excited, shaking and quaking is how they show it.

It’s not every day we see such a charming display of love and affection between two of our animal friends. It just goes to show that when parrots are involved, you can count on a lot of fun and some surprises, too.

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