Parrot gets chatty and asks for people to talk to him. He gets cuter each time he says it.

I always love hearing parrots talk. It’s just so cool that they can say these words that people can. There’s only one time when it’s bad to be around parrots… if there are a LOT of them in one area. Once, I lived in an area where a green monk parrot had gotten out of his cage and reproduced… a LOT. There was constant chatter in the area. So much for the vow of silence there, “monk”. This bird’s a lot better.

We see a video of a parrot named Einstein. He’s called that because he’s smart and he can talk a lot. He hasn’t updated the Theory of Relativity, though, so I’m taking points off for that. He’s still so cute to watch. This particular time he seems to be infatuated with the phrase “Talk to me.” It could be worse. He could have heard “Talk dirty to me.” Hey… NO ONE read that part aloud to him, OK?

Einstein seems like he’s in a chatty mood. It’s too bad that his daddy’s not answering when he says “Talk To Me.” Then again, he’s probably not entirely aware of the meaning of the words that are coming out of his beak. It would be funny if his daddy did start talking to him after all those times. He might just sit there with an expression like, “Huh? Why is he talking to me now?”

The thing that popped to mind, especially as a child of the 1980’s, was a Stevie Nicks song called “Talk To Me.” She sounds a lot better than Einstein, but that’s not surprising since I consider her one of the best rock vocalists of all time. It’s odd how sometimes videos can evoke some of the weirdest memories, isn’t it? I wonder of Nicks would ever do a duet of “Talk To Me” with Einstein someday. I think that would make many people’s day.