A parrot gets a stuffed bunny for his birthday and has the best reaction to it!

Getting presents is probably the thing that gets children excited the most. When I was growing up, my friends and I were basically split into two groups: the ones who believed in Santa and those who didn’t. When Christmas time came, there was always an argument as to the source of those presents. The children who believed in Santa usually won.

But Christmas was not the only time we waited for presents. Birthdays were an important thing in the neighborhood. Our group of friends was a very large one, we were a total of 17 friends. So, when one of us was going to have a birthday party, you could count on it being a massive celebration. I remember that one of my friends named Joe had the biggest house with the biggest yard.

Birthdays at his house were usually filled with all sorts of games and activities. Even the adults got very hyped about them. We had all the traditional games plus a few scrimmages of flag football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. One thing we were all waiting for was the cake and the opening of the presents. The birthday boy would open all the presents in front of everyone.

Once the presents had been opened, we would all play with them until it was time to head home. My birthday parties were not as lavish as Joe’s, but I still got a lot of presents and had the best time. Out of Christmas or my birthday, I would say I had the most fun on my birthdays, not to mention getting the most awesome presents, too.

Once I started having pets, I started throwing birthday parties for them. My dog Blackie was the first one to get a birthday party. I ‘invited’ a couple of his friends and even baked a cake for them. I put birthday hats on their heads and took pictures. After the cake, I gave him his present which would usually be a stuffed animal or a dog toy he could play with alone or with his friends.

I thought I was a little bit weird because none of my friends did anything like it until I watched the following video. A parrot is celebrating his birthday. His owner has decided to get him a stuffed animal not knowing what his reaction would be. As soon as he gives him his present, he grabs a camera and captures this hilarious reaction!