Parrot Gets A Stuffed Toy For His Birthday, But Wait Till You See WHAT He Does With It! OMG!

I have always loved birthdays. Celebrating a day someone was born on makes that person feel really special right? It seems even animals love it. This video features a little Blue Indian Ringneck parrot called Marnie and he is celebrating his fifth birthday with his family. His mom has planned out a celebration for the little guy and all the other pets in their home.

When Marnie sees his treat and his gifts, he is as happy as can be. He is very cordial and he keeps on saying “thank you” and “I love you” for his gifts. And it looks like he is really enamored with the stuffed rabbit he’s gotten. He leans in and gives it a kiss whenever he can!

Marnie isn’t the only bird at this party. All of her friends have been invited, apparently, and one jokester is singing while wearing a Kleenex on his head. There’s always one at every party, right? Lots of bird friends are here, and of course, the two family dogs want to get in on the action and get their special treat too.

These beautiful birds are having a great time at the party, but Marnie is really enjoying her new toys. She kisses them and makes kissing noises, and I can tell her owners say sweet things to her because she’s saying them to her stuffed toys. It is really beautiful to watch owners care for their pets so much.

Watch Marnie in the video below! Isn’t he adorable? Let us know if you enjoyed his sweet talk through the comments!

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