Parrot Finds A Paper Towel On The Floor. But When He Did THIS, I Burst Out Laughing! ADORABLE!

There are tons of videos in the Internet about pets and their funnyantics. Of course it’s usually cats and dogs that take the spotlight (we aren’t complaining!)

But lately, birds have been on the rise! The following video features an adorable, yet very funny moment featuring a tiny parrot. Just till you see what this funny guy does! He will steal your heart!

This parrot is a 2 year old Caique named aptly “Little Bird”. According to his mommy, this darling angel loves to talk, hop, play, and skip!

But what he does in this video is something different entirely. Seems like he is a big fan of paper towels! So when his daddy gives him one, his reaction is adorable! This is probably one of the happiest things I have seen in a long time.

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