This Parrot Relays A Phone Conversation That He Heard His Owner Make!

The parrot in this video is named Larry. Larry might just be the funniest bird you will ever meet. Parrots are excellent mimics and can approximate the human speech very well. But they also have a comedic sense of timing and know when they say or imitate things that it can be hilarious.

Watch in this video as Larry the parrot is imitating the sounds of a dialing phone. He must’ve heard his owner on the phone and he relays the hilarious conversation as he heard it. You can’t quite make out everything that Larry is saying which just makes the whole scene even funnier.

His owners wrote in the description for this video, “This must be what we sound like to him.” I think perhaps the bird understands more than they think he does. He just wants to keep everyone off guard so they will keep having hilarious conversations around him.

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