Parrot Sees Something VERY Funny. But His Reaction? I’m Rolling On The Floor With Laughter!

Parrots are one of the funniest pets in the world. They are really beautiful, and whenever you get bored, they never fail to amuse you either. They are incredible when it comes to imitating sounds and speech. In this clip, we meet a funny little parrot that is really going to crack you up with his antics! His owners must laugh a lot around him, because this little guy’s impersonation of laughter is on target!

We have all seen parrots do some pretty amazing things on the Internet. Some of them dance, while some of them talk and sing. Some parrots even perform tricks. But what this parrot in the clip does is very different from what you have been seeing. And I understand this is just one of many amusing sounds this clever bird can imitate.

This must be a favorite sound of his because he sure does seem to enjoy hearing himself. This little guy does nothing but laugh, but his laughter can surely keep you entertained for hours on end! This particular laugh, apparently he does other laughs as well, sounds to me like an old man laugh.

He is spot on with his imitation of an old man laughing. It makes me think of my grandfather and his laugh. You will play this over and over after you see it.

Watch this hilarious clip below! Did this parrot with a great sense of humor leave you in stitches? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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