Parrot Sees Squirrel Running Around Front Yard. His Reaction Cracked Me Up So Much.

Parrots are a riot to listen to. I would have one if I didn’t also have two cats. If I did wind up owning one, it would be like a 24-hour Tweety and Sylvester marathon here. I’d have to sleep with one eye open to make sure the felines weren’t trying to make a meal of the bird. Fortunately, I can live vicariously through YouTube videos. This is one that features one of my favorite avians.

The star of this video the incredible parrot that we know as Einstein. This time, he’s sitting on his screened-in porch and he’s watching a squirrel enjoy an acorn that it’s found in the grass. The parrot is really interested in the furry rodent, even making repeated comments about it. The squirrel just goes on minding its own business. It looks like everyone has a good day, then. Including us, the viewers.

Einstein loves saying things like “Look at the squirrel” and “Enjoy your acorn!” The squirrel is, indeed enjoying the acorn that he’s eating outside, but it’s not because the parrot is telling him to. Then again, it’s entirely possible that he did hear Einstein exhorting him to do it. Then again, how many squirrels actually understand English. OK, I’m back on the whole “Gigantic Coincidence” bandwagon again.

The squirrel doesn’t seem so fazed by the fact that Einstein is talking to him. Then again, not a whole lot seems to bug them, as long as you’re a good distance from them. If you happen to move within 20 feet of them, it seems like they will regard that as a threat and run even further away. It’s a good thing that they aren’t like rhinos, who are prone to charging if you even seem to be going into their territory. Seeing a little furry missile heading your way is a surefire way to ruin your day.

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