When This Parrot Silently Sneaked Into The Room, I Wasn’t Expecting Him To Do THIS! LOL!

This video is no doubt going to tickle your funny bone. It has been just over a year since it was posted and it has already garnered more than 2.4 million views! The star of this video is a parrot and it has quite hilariously taken over the whole world with his maniacal laugh!

I was confused when this tiny bird sneaked into the room, but a few seconds in, he started laughing like an evil villain. How can one hold back his smile when something like that comes out of the mouth of something that cute? I really am getting addicted to this video. I can’t get enough of that laugh! I am glad his owner caught this on tape!

This short clip starts out with the parrot squeezing through a cracked door to enter the room. He looks like he’s not supposed to go in there, but I think the owner doesn’t really care. When he enters, he laughs a little, and then we hear the owner laughing. Well, that just serves as encouragement for this bird!

He really starts laughing his maniacal laugh once he receives some encouragement from his owner. He’s clearly imitating someone, but this beautiful bird with pink tips on his wings is having the time of his life walking around entertaining whoever happens to be in the room with his crazy laugh. It’s going to make your day.

Watch this hilarious parrot in the video below! Let us know your thoughts about his crazy laugh in the comments!

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