12-Year-Old Eclectus Parrot Dances To ‘Sexy and I Know It’ – And He’s REALLY Good

This video features a twelve-year-old Eclectus parrot named Milo who is sure to steal your heart right from the moment you see him. This parrot loves dancing, and the way he dances is absolutely hilarious. This funny dancing bird completely loves LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It,” and he puts on quite a show when he hears it.

Without wasting a moment, this adorable parrot starts off his moves as this song comes on the radio. Thanks to the owner who decided to capture his grooving parrot this time and entertain us. This little guy is definitely a natural entertainer.

Let’s just say that Milo is sexy and he knows it! He is really strutting his stuff on the back of the couch. At one point, he gives a little hop, skip, and jump that is just hilarious, and his head never stops bobbing up and down. The owner does some fancy camera work, zooming in and out, and that makes this clip even funnier.

This parrot’s fancy footwork is really entertaining and is sure to have you laughing. I caught myself dancing along with him and bobbing up and down. After all, I like this song too.

If you assume birds are just limited to good vocals, then you are absolutely wrong, and this video is going to prove that to you. This disco-loving parrot will have you wanting to jump up and dance too.

12-Year-Old Eclectus Parrot Dances To \'Sexy and I Know It\' – And He\'s REALLY Good