Parrots Leave Fox News Reporter Flabbergasted With Their Viral Response

Parrots are always highly entertaining merely because they are highly intelligent; there’s no way you can get bored while there’s a parrot around. These qualities make them ideal candidates television interviews, am I right?

A Fox 32 News reporter heard about a pair of witty Yellow Headed parrots in town, so she set out to interview them. What follows is probably the reporter’s favorite story of all time. There’s no way she could have predicted what would follow…

The reporter approaches them with a mic, but it is their response you want to pay attention to! One of them begins singing, while the other joins along soon! Nobody was expecting that in the least!

Not only does the reporter gain insight into the personal lives of these two birds, but she also gets treated to several outstanding musical performances that leaves everyone chuckling.

The birds sing two beautiful renditions of two songs: La Cucaracha and Old MacDonald’s Farm. And to be honest, they seemed much better than many people I know!

Parrots are known for being extremely vocal and having the ability to mimic all kinds of sounds they hear around the house. They can imitate anything from the sounds of shattered glass to famous songs they hear on the radio.

The Yellow Head parrots are proven to be incredibly gregarious, which explains the manner in which these two lively birds show off their talents. You will enjoy a good belly laugh as these wild and crazy parrots seem to glory in their performance, behaving like operatic superstars!

This is just about one of the cutest and most enchanting parrot videos I have seen, on account of the quality of their singing abilities. Sit back and enjoy their fabulous voices!

Parrots Leave Fox News Reporter Flabbergasted With Their Viral Response