Parrots Have A Very Tough Discussion. You DO NOT Want To Miss It! It’s HYSTERICAL!

A favorite subject for telling jokes is marriage, specifically about life as a couple. This is probably because of the endless possibility for adventure and let’s not forget, senseless arguments, a favorite pastime for many married couples. When two people live together for such a long time and experience so much together, they tend to develop strange habits that the other may not find so strange. Well, believe it or not, this can also happen with animal couples as it did with these parrots in the video.

This video shows two parrots who have apparently been a couple for quite some time and they are having a very heated argument, and it is a sight worthy of an award. Keep in mind that exotic birds like parrots are known for not only talking, but screaming as a way of communicating. It doesn’t mean they are angry or upset, but it sure does seem like it in this video! You have to see this hilarious duo in action.

Both of these birds are a breed of parrot known as Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrots, and this particularly entertaining pair live in Parron Mountain, Tennessee. They see many visitors each day and as a result, learn all kinds of words and phrases, some of which are not so nice! Has someone been arguing in public? I think so! After seeing this video, people are sure to be more watchful of their words if a parrot is around.

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