This Airport Employee Makes The Best of His Job To The Entertainment of Passengers

There’s a saying that goes, “Find a job you love, or love the job you do.” This is one of the simplest life lessons, but it’s also one of the most difficult to fulfill. Why? Often the job we like is not available, or we’re simply not qualified for it. It is common for us to get a job on whatever the market has to offer at the time. This is usually not what was our first option.

Other people who decide to follow their dreams soon find out that their dreams are not enough to pay the rent and other expenses. When this happens, they sometimes decide that they should better get a part-time job or a side job that will allow them to maintain their original path. It is here that you realize that if life gives you lemons, you might as well make lemonade.


No matter what your thoughts are, the guy in our video today is definitely making the best of things with his job. This airport employee is one of those very helpful fellows that guides the planes on the tarmac. But why just direct when you can perform in the ‘show,’ too?

This guy gets into his job in the best way. A passenger on one of the planes the employee is directing happened to catch this guy really enjoying his job. He may have had some headphones in to give him the beat he wanted, but even if he didn’t, this guy has some awesome dance moves.


‘Love the one you’re with’ are lyrics that come to mind watching this video. This guy was loving his job that particular day and was more than happy to show it on the tarmac. I am sure the pilots got a kick out of this guy’s enthusiasm also.

Wouldn’t you love to look out the tiny plane window to see this? This guy as got the moves and isn’t afraid to show it. Whether he is loving his day, his life, or his job, this guy clearly makes the best of his day getting the job done and having fun.

This Airport Employee Makes The Best of His Job To The Entertainment of Passengers