Passionate Eighteen-Year-Old Gives Beyond Himself. Why He Does It? You Won’t Believe His Answer!

It’s not always easy to stand outside of the crowd. To carve your own path like a leader and find your own answers for how to live. For eighteen-year-old Kris Hudson, He gets his inspiration from a popular place. Even since Kris was young, he’s wanted to make people happy. Not only make them happy, but make the world a better place. A noble goal, with no shortage of applicants.

Hudson lives in Bryant and works at Walmart, where he excels with customer service. He enjoys helping people. In fact, if anyone has a problem, he’d love to talk to them about that as well. He wants to help as many people as he can, leaving them happy and content. For five days, out of every week, Hudson is working diligently, saving up to go to college when August hits. Like many others, he donates to the school supplies they hold in the front of the store. These items are donated to kids who don’t have the luxury of working or spending a lot of money on school supplies. Lucky for the receivers of these fabulous supplies, Kristopher shows his caring compassion every pay check.

With every paycheck, he can, he takes a sizeable amount and puts it towards the donations. His last purchase was 67 dollars. He got a whopping 103 items for the low, low price of 70 some odd dollars. Kris has always been a giver and an innovator. Some of the assistant mangers have even started taking after Kris’s odd yet charitable natures.

Kristopher is quite the gentleman luckily, he learned well from his mothers. She tells him “The best feelings you’ll ever have is when you get to help someone.” What amazingly compelling words. Kristopher’s lucky he has such a wise mom to guide him gently towards adult hood.

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