Pastor asks bride to step aside so groom can say vows to her sister

Wedding days are already emotional enough as it is, but when you add a moment like this you’re probably not going to get a dry eye in the house! It’s a major event for all the family and it should be unforgettable – we’re pretty sure that this one will live long in the memory for everyone involved.

These days people are always finding new ways to make their big day that little bit extra special. Some people write their own vows, some people put together a huge dance number as the bride walks down the aisle, while some people simply just get the biggest wedding cake they can possibly find. Whatever the unique spin is, you can bet it makes for a really awesome day – especially because you share it with your loved ones.

For Will and Ashley, they wanted to share their particular awesome day with someone very special indeed – Ashley’s sister Hannah. Hannah has Downs Syndrome, but from a young age, Ashley always knew she wanted to include her little sister in everything that she did – even when Will was proposing!

And that’s exactly what they did, as Will gets down on one knee and asks Hannah to be his best friend for life. It’s a touching moment and you can really see the joy in Hannah’s face. The same moment he asks Ashley to marry him, he proposes a lifetime friendship to Hannah – and she gratefully accepts.

And when the moment finally came for Ashley and Will to tie the knot, they wanted to include Hannah then too, so they had written out their own ‘friendship’ vows. Hannah promises that she will go fishing with Will and tell him funny jokes, Will promises Hannah the same, and then the two are pronounced best friends for life and instead of a kiss, it’s a big hug!

It’s a really lovely moment for this caring and doting family, and what a wonderful way for Hannah to be involved in her sister’s wedding day. Ashley even says that it didn’t cross her mind that she would have this day alone, and she’s clearly a genuinely loving sister. Hannah even got to enjoy a first ‘best friend’ dance at the reception dinner. It’s a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

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