Pastor Couple Find Homeless Children On Street. What They Did Next Warmed My Heart.

It seems like there are some people whose sole purpose on Earth is to help others. We could learn a lot by watching how they live their lives – if a larger percentage of people too those mottos to heart, I have a feeling that things would be a lot better than they are right now. It may see pie-in-the sky optimistic, but that’s my take. For an example, just look at what this couple did for two homeless children.

Take Pastors Krystal and Ronnie Stewart, for example. They have children already, but they were willing to take on two more to help them have a chance at a better life than with a mommy and a daddy who were drug addicts. There are homeless people who do their best by their kids – they may have been in a situation where one missed paycheck was the difference. Shelters can help there… but if they are altering their consciousness, that’s grounds for removal.

To be fair to the parents of these two kids that the Stewarts found in deplorable conditions, including skin coming off the bottom of their feet, they did realize that they were not giving these toddlers the best chance at life. So they were able to work it out for the pastor couple to have custody of their kids while they hopefully went out to try to clear up their own lives. That’s not always a guarantee with drug addicts, sadly.

This wasn’t intended to be a permanent situation at first – the Stewarts first just wanted to clean the kids and give them a warm bed for a night. The drug-addict parents and a social worker both saw them as better caretakers. I’m not sure what drugs they were on, but it had to be fairly strong stuff to wreck their lives like that. Fortunately , it wasn’t too late. Also, ironically, the Stewarts had just learned that they couldn’t have any more children, so this was a blessing for them.

I thought the parents were self-aware enough to let their kids go to a better situation. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section! Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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