This Cat Should be Crowned ‘Most Patient’

Growing up with a younger brother means becoming an expert in the art of patience. Younger brothers can sometimes be incredibly annoying. This parrot is one of those ‘people,’ and he is fortunate that his brother, the cat, has some serious patience.

This parrot is not only a little uh, in your face, but he’s also brave. He is brave enough to stand around and aggravate and irritate his big brother, who happens to be a cat, and that never goes over well.


It seems, however, that this bird is not too worried that this cat will retaliate. Anyway, I have a feeling these two know each other very well. It’s just one of those sibling things. You might know how it is.

I was a little on edge when watching this clip – I have never seen a cat with so much patience. In fact, I am pretty sure that the darling cat has more patience than I would have in that situation. As for the parrot, well, some time in the corner would be recommended.

This Cat Should be Crowned \'Most Patient\'