Patrick Swayze Opens Up About His Horses in Rare 1995 Interview with Tab Hunter

Patrick Swayze Horses

I’ve watched several interviews with Patrick Swayze, and he seems so different in all of them. I believe this is most likely the “real” him.

The interview begins with the legendary Tab Hunter, Hollywood icon and fellow equestrian. He’s about to have a heart-to-heart talk with Patrick to discuss his love of horses and how they have influenced him.

Patrick Swayze's Horses

It’s a rare look into the man and a fond trip down memory lane to see these Hollywood icons share their love of horses with us.

This rarely seen video was produced for HorseTV decades ago, but it was only recently rediscovered.  It is quite a treat because the intro college is in itself a fascinating look at all of the old school Hollywood celebrities who are also avid equestrians. Legends like Robert Wagoner, Roddy McDowall, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Linda Blair, James Woods, and others.

Unique Patrick Swayze united extremes in one person and he worked perfectly with his gifts as a ballet dancer, Texas cowboy, actor, singer/songwriter, and equestrian.

Though he was unarguably a man of many talents and could do anything, Patrik Swayze loved his horses, and that’s where his spirit truly shines as you’ll see in this touching video.

Patrick Swayze loved all horses, but especially Arabian horses. His favorite of all was a beautiful soul he called Tammen. It’s evident is the way he handles his horses in this video that he has a very special connection with them. The close bond between the actor and this magnificent animal is evident in their affectionate interaction.

Swayze gets up close and personable with his horses, stroking them gently, speaking to them, grooming them and even planting a kiss on their noses because that’s what we do when we love our animals.

The response from his horses clearly demonstrates their mutual affection by nuzzling Swayze’s face. But when a horse gets spooked, Swayze calmly quietens him and then proudly leads the horse off to receive the accolades.

When asked about his fascination for Arabians Swayze alluded to the fact that since he was a dancer himself that he appreciated the gracefulness of the breed. He liked the “proud trot” and the “harmonious physique.” This breed’s stature, function, and personality are made for exquisite movement.

Patrick opens up about his life and his passion for horses in a candid interview and while died too young, he had a rich life, and Patrick Swayze belongs to that very special group of people we admire. Nothing changes that.

Watch Patrick in this recently discovered interview and share him with your friends on Facebook. Give Patrick a pin, too, if you’re on Pinterest with us. It’s truly heartwarming to see Patrick talking so passionately about his love for his horses. All equestrians can relate.

There’s only one other recorded appearance of Patrick Swayze with his beautiful horses. Watch the follow-up video below and treasure it for what it is. A rare look inside the heart and soul of one of the world’s most beloved equestrians:

Patrick Swayze Opens Up About His Horses in Rare 1995 Interview with Tab Hunter