Patriotic Christmas Lights Honor Veterans, But The Music Helped Make This Video Go Viral

Some homeowners go all-out with their Christmas lights. In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a spectacular display that outdoes them all while honoring the nation’s veterans for their service and sacrifices.

Life can get stressful during the holiday season. There’s always more shopping to do. Food to buy and prepare. Travel arrangements to figure out. But when all is said and done, most of us get to rejoice in the fact that we’ll be spending time with friends and loved ones. But for families with loved ones serving in the armed forces, to say nothing of those who’ve lost someone near and dear, all that stress doesn’t get the same reward. There’s an empty seat at the table. Someone isn’t there when the presents are opened and doesn’t get to see the kids going nuts as they tear off the wrapping paper. The holiday is bittersweet rather than purely joyous.

One patriotic homeowner in Tallahassee, Florida wanted to acknowledge all those who have missed out on time with their family while defending the nation and most especially those who gave their lives to protect our traditions and freedoms. The large house and nearby trees are covered in lights, including an American flag on the roof! These lights aren’t static. They’re carefully choreographed to turn on and off, change color, “move” and more. As you’ll see for yourself in the video, these amazing lights keep the beat with some very well-chosen patriotic music.

We hope everyone has a merry Christmas. But amid all the celebration, we hope you’ll pause to reflect on those who aren’t home this year as well as those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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