Ironically, this intense rendition of “Crazy” was recorded on what would have been Patsy Cline’s 85th birthday.

Patsy Cline at Piano looking down in sound studio - Black and WhiteIn this video, country star Lorrie Morgan gives a beautiful impromptu performance of “Crazy.” This was a tribute to the beloved singer who made the tune famous, Patsy Cline, who passed away in 1963.

Ironically, this was recorded on what would have been Patsy’s 85th birthday. CMT referred to Patsy Cline as “one of the most influential, successful, and acclaimed vocalists of the 20th century.” Even though the song originally came out in 1961, it is still loved and enjoyed by people all around the world.

Lorrie Morgan Lorrie Morgan had been asked to sing “Crazy.” Even though she had sung this song before, it had been quite a while. She sat in an intimate semi-circle, surrounded by a crowd of her peers – fellow singers and musicians. The famous Porter Wagoner sat next to her, and Randy Travis quietly sat behind her. No pressure!

In response to the request, Lorrie hesitantly replied, “I haven’t sung this song in a long, long, long, long time; not even sure of the key I do it in anymore…” She smirked and continued, “But I know it’s something low, though!” With that she chuckled and consented to the request, “I’ll try it for you!”

With Lorrie’s cue to begin, the band starts playing the smooth, well-known tune to “Crazy.” Her low, tender voice seems to flow out of her almost effortlessly. Her incredible vocals filled every corner of the room as she delivered her emotional tribute to the beloved Patsy Cline.

At the beginning of the instrumental solo section of the song, the small audience cheers and applauds the performance so far. Everyone sways to the music as the piano and steel guitar add to the mood.

After the instrument solos, Lori picks up right where she left off. Her smooth, effortless rendition was obviously very heartfelt and touching to everyone surrounding her. The emotional performance even received a standing ovation from the audience around her in the studio.

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Ironically, this intense rendition of “Crazy\