Paul Harvey tells “The Rest of the Story” about Bisquick

Talk about a radio icon, and Paul Harvey’s name pops up in your mind. If you were born in the 70s, you must have surely heard him on KTAM-AM radio at home. When Harvey began his broadcast, everyone stopped their conversation and listened to him.

He was also a prolific writer whose books were loved by everyone. You may still find some of his books on your bookshelf. He always had the most famous behind-the-scenes tales of people and things that no one ever would have known.

Most of the stories were before the people or things got popular. Paul Harvey’s radio broadcast, “The Rest of the Story,” has always grabbed a lot of views online. One viral video was about how Bisquick (pre-mixed baking mix) was invented.

Paul Harvey’s radio show had over 24,000,000 listeners every week. They would tune in to the radio to learn about new stories behind the inventions of daily-use products. Sometimes, they would also hear about celebrities with humble beginnings.

The story about the invention of Bisquick was an interesting one as well. In 1930, the top sales executive met an innovative railway cook on a business trip. He was impressed by the delicious cookies he had baked for him in such a short time.

The chef then shared his secret of the pre-mix batter on ice, which enabled him to make fresh biscuits on the train. After the sales executive returned from the business trip, he created “Bisquick,” which was soon used as a base for baked goods from pizzas to cookies.

Harvey’s daily broadcast would begin with his catchphrases, “Hello, Americans! I’m Paul Harvey.” Then he would start his new stories, and before the break, he would say, “In a moment. The rest of the story….” He would say, “Now you know…the rest of the story.” “The Rest of the Story” never seems to get old, and he will always be one of the best radio icons of all time.

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