Adorably young Paul McCartney sings “Yesterday” and it’s hauntingly beautiful

The Beatles have such an extensive catalog that picking one memorable song is like trying to pick your favorite grain of rice…

OK. Maybe they don’t have THAT many, but paring one’s list down to 10 songs of theirs is a near-impossible task. Heck, even a 20-song list would cause much anxiety and gnashing of teeth. The song that’s shown in this video, though, is a must on ANY list.

George introduced Paul at the beginning of the video and then ran off the stage as McCartney took center spotlight. Everything else on the stage went dark. This was a one-man song – he sang “Yesterday”, which many artists have since taken a crack at covering. It’s one of the most covered songs ever, actually. With its wonderful lyrics and lovely melody, no wonder those musicians want to play it.

Paul looked so at ease up there with just an acoustic guitar and no backing. The audience was appreciative of it, judging by all the screeching that was going on during his performance. My ears started to hurt at one point from that. This was a good harbinger for what he would do later on in the 1970’s onward. He’s still touring today, and he’s as popular as ever as one of the two remaining Beatles.

John even joked at the end, “Thank you, Ringo!” and George pretended to give Paul a bouquet of flowers. Many people thought that Paul was the most musically-talented of the group. John could write the best lyrics, but Paul was up there too. He showed that he was more than capable of doing a solo song and knock it out of the park. This was Paul at the beginning of his long musical journey.

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