Pediatrician Picks Up A Crying Baby. I Was Astonished At What Resulted Afterwards.

Crying babies are the worst nightmares for both new and veteran parents alike. Is the baby sick? Hungry? Does he or she need a new diaper? It’s not like mommy or daddy can ask the baby to stop crying to explain the situation. Their incessant crying can be jarring. What’s a safe way? Longtime pediatrician Dr. Robert Hamilton believes that he has come up with a solution. It doesn’t require drugs or even a lot of work.

Dr. Hamilton, who, with his black rimmed glasses and white coat, looks like a doctor from the 1950’s, picks up a crying baby boy. He folds the baby’s right arm against his chest and then the left arm. He tilts the baby 45 degrees, with his face looking at the floor. His other hand supports the baby’s rear. Within seconds, the baby stops crying. He also gently jiggles the baby’s bottom. He repeats this with two other babies with the same results.

Like so many things in my life, this video came after my wife had a son several years earlier. That’s a long time after the “first two-to-three months” that he says in the video. Even if I did know about it then, I still would have been terrified to use this hold since A)I have terrible coordination and the last thing I’d want to do is drop my son and B)the doctor’s look large enough to hold the baby in the palm of his hand.

It may have been too late for me and my wife, but judging by the 22-million-plus views, it looks like it’s helped a lot of people. May that number double in the next several years. This is a great service to many parents, especially first-time ones who might be terrified that they are doing something wrong.

Wasn’t it amazing how the baby went from crying hysterically to being calm as can be? What’s your opinion on what happened? Tell us below!

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