Pentatonix Just Released Their Version Of “Joy To The World.” When You Hear It? Incredible!

Pentatonix is one of the most amazing acapella groups I have ever heard in my life. This five-member group from Arlington has been causing quite a buzz in recent years with their incredible covers and originals. They formed in 2011 and they won the third season of The Sing Off after that. They even received a Grammy in 2015. The video below features their amazing new Christmas cover!

They perform “Joy to the World,” one of the most popular Christmas hymns of all time. It was initially published in 1719 with the music arrangement being written in 1839. It is also the most published Christmas song ever. It has been covered by a lot of artists before, but Pentatonix’s rendition is something else!

In this video, the five members of the group are standing in an empty church, and when they start to sing, it’s obvious they put a different spin on this holiday classic. The lead singer stands in the middle, but the two members to his left start beat boxing along with the music. The tempo of the song and the beat boxing in the background make this rendition upbeat and pretty catchy.

The meaning of the words is not lost in the upbeat music though. It’s clear that this is still a hymn and they really do the song justice with their unique version of it. What a talented group of five!

Watch this incredible rendition below! Did you enjoy this brilliant cover? Let us know in the comments!

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