Pentatonix Raises Christmas Cheer With Their Flawless Upbeat Acapella of ‘Deck The Halls’

Pentatonix's Official 'Deck The Halls' Christmas Music VideoNo one can deny Pentatonix’s impact on acapella music. Each one of their tracks rewards one with pure harmony and a dizzying musical range that few can compare to. Arriving as a message to inspire holiday cheer ‘Deck The Halls’ has been given an upbeat twist that’s sure to get anyone in the mood for Christmas.

You’ve never heard a rendition quite like this. Even those who aren’t fans of the traditional track will find themselves singing along. Scott, Mitch, Kirstin, Kevin, and Matt once again have made a winner that not only shows you just how good they are as a group but also just how quickly the right music can raise Christmas cheer.

Once you’ve heard the way that Pentatonix has remixed and reinvented the timeless Christmas classic ‘Deck The Halls’ you’ll have all-new interest in Acappella, and an uplifted mood that’s perfect for carrying you to the hallowed, holy day. With nothing but their voices and a healthy dose of holiday spirit, these five warm the heart & home.