Pentatonix Will Blow Your Mind Again With ‘Gold’ – Mitch’s Vocal Control Is So Insane

Your attention is won from the very first second as Pentatonix come together to cover the Kiiara pop hit ‘Gold.’ As if effortless, these talented stars recreate the bass, beat and melody, while singing out vocal power, clarity, and range that few can compare to. It’s an unmissable cover that takes a completey new take on the original.

While we all can recognize the amazing power and range in each of these star’s voices, what most do not realize is just how good they actually are. Kiira had to employ the aid of technology to get the staccato right, but Mitch needs nothing more than his voice. This version is indeed gold, as the name suggests!

Whether it’s Avi and Kevin’s perfectly synced rhythm or Kevin completely owning the acapella staccato, this is a track that’s just as amazing as it’s technically flawless. Every last part the Kiiara hit ‘Gold’ is sung, with all parts arranged in true Pentatonix acapella greatness. Once again, they’ve exceeded all expectations with a track that some say outdoes the original itself.

Pentatonix  Will Blow Your Mind Again With \'Gold\' – Mitch\'s Vocal Control Is So Insane