You Won’t Believe What This Cat Does to The Poor Mailman

Prior to viewing this video, I thought dogs were the only ones who have issues with the mailman. But after watching, I realized that some cats don’t like the mailman either.

This video, which was an entry on America’s Funniest Videos, starts with the mailman leaving his truck and heading up to a house with the day’s post. Clearly, this poor Postman has been to this place many, many times. But this time, he is recording what often takes place.


In the video, you’ll see how this cat will react to the mailman. It’s really funny because this cat may not have an intimidating bark to scare the mailman, but she has her ways and ‘means.’

Watch what happens when the mailman tries to reach for the mail slot. What a funny, albeit slightly mean, kitty. I am surprised this family ever receives their mail.

You Won\'t Believe What This Cat Does to The Poor Mailman