People Are Losing Sleep After Spotting This Horrifying Deep Sea Monster

The unexplored depths of the Earth’s oceans remain intriguing and mysterious to humans. We often forget that this territory is as interesting and mysterious as outer space, because the ocean seems so much more accessible to us. However, because of the intensity of the water pressure at extreme depths, ocean exploration is more difficult than one might expect it to be, leaving some parts of the ocean totally unknown.

The evolutions certain species must have had to go through in order to survive the extreme temperatures and pressures of the deep sea is truly fascinating. Because we know so little about these parts of the planet, divers are continuously discovering new creatures. Sometimes when the explorers encounter some of the critters that have managed to survive such brutal conditions, it can be incredibly beautiful…other times, it’s insanely terrifying.

The creature these fishermen reeled in on their trip just a mile from the coast of Mexico is nothing short of alien! On the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet, Jaime Rendon and the fishermen he was with responded to a strong tug on their fishing line by pulling in whatever was on the other end, and came face to face with something out of a science-fiction film!

Sometimes, these unexpected creatures are captured on film in their natural habitat. This camera was ready to record footage as part an oil pipeline inspection, but also ended up catching sight of a jellyfish-like animal, complete with a glowing tentacle.

With such little understanding of what really lies beneath the ocean’s surface, it’s impossible to ignore the idea of alien life seeking refuge in the depths of these waters. The footage doesn’t lie. See for yourself and let us know whether you think these creatures come from our planet or not!

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