People not sure if rescued dog is actually a dog

When Lauren adopted a little stray dog, Falkor, people thought she was either a goat or a pig. However, the kind woman felt that she had hit the lottery of animals. The rescued dog looked otherworldly. Several people had asked Lauren if Falkor was actually a dog.

When the future owner found the dog, she weighed just three and a half pounds. Lauren couldn’t tell if she was a puppy or a senior dog just because of her fur and how the dog looked. She had volunteered to take a few stray dogs to the shelter, and there she found Falkor shut off in a little room by herself.

The little dog was aggressive and dirty, and Lauren knew that she could help the dog. So she brought the animal home and decided to make sure that she got what she needed. But unfortunately, the vets assumed that Falkor was between 5 to 6 years old when Lauren got her. Now, the little dog was 12 to 13 years of age.

Falkor was an albino, but she did not have any deafness or blindness that albino animals have. The cute dog was very tiny and looked very delicate, but Lauren thought she was pretty intense. When Lauren found her at the shelter, she was very aggressive. Lauren had to put a towel on to get her into the carrier.

Falkor was still “food aggressive,” so the owner ensured she fed her away from her other animals. Falkor loved Lauren and was a one-person dog. Her favorite thing in the whole world was the Mcdonald’s French fries. Unfortunately, she got just a little piece of a single fry after she had her toenails clipped. However, she would do anything for that little piece.

Falkor liked to be around humans more. Lauren thought that the little one was around many dogs fighting for food earlier. That must be the reason for the dog to love staying with humans. The dog maintained a respectful distance from her owner’s other pets.

Falkor loved the massage and the bath her owner gave her and liked resting under the sun. However, Lauren made sure she did not allow Falkor to take a rest under the sun for a long time, as she was an albino. The owner believed it was an honor to have the adorable dog in her life as she was one of a kind.

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People not sure if rescued dog is actually a dog