People thought it was a joke when these cute kids walked on stage holding giant guitars. But then…!

Some talented children simply start at a very young age. They have both the knack and normally supportive parents that allow them to achieve astounding success at a very early age.

These children from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are so young that they can barely hold their guitars. Still, that doesn’t stop them from sharing their love for music. Take a second to look at their amazing talent.

In a few seconds, you will see several kids come on stage to display an unseen talent that has never been seen anywhere else in the world. They all can finger-pick like pros and have perfected the Spanish style.

These little kids can’t even wrap their arms properly around the instruments! However, they play so well and are in sync that many adult musicians would be envious of their incredible skill.

The group plays brilliantly, alternating between soft and loud without any hesitation. No wonder this video is taking the internet by storm. For such young kids, they are very talented and professional at best!