People told her she couldn’t dance because of her weight. So, she films this to prove them wrong.

Who says you cannot follow your dreams because of a weight problem? Many people are held back from reaching their dreams because of what people around them tell them they can or can’t do. Especially when they see that they’re on their way to accomplishing what they wanted to. Some of them try to sound empathic when they see that the other ones encounter an obstacle and suggest that they give up. If there’s someone that can relate to this ordeal, it’s Whitney Thore. And she’s the awesome dancer in the following video.

Whitney has loved dancing ever since she was very young. She says that throughout her life, there have been a lot of people who have tried to deter her from what she considers to be her passion, dancing. This has made her even stronger and has awakened a desire on her to prove all of them wrong. She has endured tremendous battles in her life like eating disorders and self-confidence issues because of them. To top it all off, she gained a lot amount of weight because of her polycystic ovarian syndrome.

This is a syndrome which is not curable and makes women who suffer from it gain some pounds. In the case of Whitney, she gained 100lbs form it. This was one of the lowest points in her life as she remembers it was then when people started calling her “fat and disgusting”. It is sad to realize that just when you think that we are getting more tolerant and loving as a civilization, things like these happen that show you we haven’t really made that much progress.

Fortunately, all these hating comments didn’t hold this talented dancer back. She was determined to continue the road she had started and to become the best she could be. She realized that the best thing she could do is to show all those people who had been calling her names and not believing in her, that she could do it.

Whitney decided she would be posting videos of her dancing under the nickname “A Fat Girl Dancing”. This proved to be a very successful move because she was not only able to showcase her great dance moves, but she also managed to garner quite a lot of support and encouragement from the viewers.

To see her incredible dance video, just click on the link below. You’ll be glad you did. Maybe it will prompt you to show a little bit of support for this very talented dancer and human being!