People Working At Sanctuary Want To Help Blind Goat. Their Solution? AMAZING.

People are born blind all the time. Then there are those who lose their sight later in life. In either case, they tend to adapt really quickly. Part of it is that the other senses take over and are heightened. But even in those cases, those blind people need help and friendship. The same could be said of blind animals. They can become self-sufficient but having a companion can help. Like the animal that’s the star of this video.

We see a blind goat named Marcia. She was born with the condition and seeing her walk around, it’s obvious that she can’t see. Her head tilts to the side and she kind of bobs and weaves her head like a well-known blind R&B singer. She felt lonely, and the people at the Farm Sanctuary, her home, felt bad. They brought another goat named Maurice and they instantly hit it off. He became her eyes and he helps her.

Marcia does do fine for herself in some capacities – we see her stand next to a bale of hay and jump on it and successfully walk to the edge without falling off. Maurice is invaluable, helping her not feel lonely in all the darkness. This has to have an impact on her health, since she feels good with him around, which would help her immune system. The two of them are fun to watch in action.

As heart-warming as this whole story is, I do have to admit that I laughed at one sequence. Marcia starts running and she can’t quite slow down in time before she reaches Maurice and she headbutts him by mistake. He’s just like “Ow. OK. It was an accident. I’m good… but why did the blind one have to get the horns? “ Aside from that, they are such good friends and it feels good to see them helping each other.

Wasn’t that so touching? Have you seen anything like this? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section.

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