Persistent puma hates when her dad ignores her for work

It is no secret that the number one distraction for remote workers is our pets. But if you thought your little one was bad, imagine having a giant puma asking for your attention.

That was the case for a man named Sasha, the proud parent of a puma, Messi. He was hard at work in the living room when his not-so-little one came to see him.

As soon as Messi walked into the living room, Sasha knew where this was heading. “Your daddy has to work and you don’t know what to do with yourself?” his partner asked.

Flabbergasted, Sasha promised the impatient puma that he would give her attention in five minutes after he finished some of his work. Unfortunately, the big cat did not have the best sense of time.

Just seconds later, she approached her dad again. “Messi, it’s not even five minutes yet,” Sasha said to the puma. “You have strange timing. You have a very short five minutes.”

Unfortunately, Messi was not at all bothered by her dad chastising her. Instead, it only spurred her on. She licked her dad’s hand. When that did not work, she put her head in front of his screen.

Finally, the persistent puma got what she wanted. Sasha gave up on work and lay down on the ground with his oversized cat. Then, he used his laptop to turn on Messi’s favorite show: Garfield.

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Persistent puma hates when her dad ignores her for work