This Pet Duck Greets His Best Human Friend In The Most Adorable Way Possible! I’m MELTING!

If you were one of the lucky ones, you probably had a dog or some sort of pet when you were a kid, and have amazing memories of those times. The most common ones are dogs and cats, of course, but there are other popular pets, like different kinds of birds, lizards, rodents, and snakes that people have as pets sometimes. But very few are lucky enough to have a duck for a best friend! Jonny, the little kid in the video below, has this amazing privilege, and you can see it for yourself in the video posted right below.

Ducklings are very adorable when they’re tiny, but not everyone is a fan of ducks even when they’re of adult age. This kid is one of them, though, and you can see him on the clip lovingly hugging Nibbles, as his friend duck is called, and it’s one of the sweetest moments you’ll see this whole week. People are not always aware of it, but ducks like this one can be very friendly once they’ve been raised properly by a loving family. He looks like quite the charmer himself!

Watch this unlikely but beautiful friendship in the video right below!

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