This Pet Owner Finds Her Dog And Her Bird Playing. It’s So Cute, You’ll TEAR UP From Laughter!

We’ve seen in many videos before than friends can come in all shapes and any size. Especially between animals, as seen in clips we’ve featured before, sometimes even the most unlikely pairs of friends can happen easily. Despite that, seeing dogs AND birds play together? That just sounds impossible.

Dogs are way bigger, and jumpier, and excited than birds, who are way more delicate. There’s just no way that they could, right? Well, the doggie and his bird friend featured on this video think differently. Their friendship is a sight to behold, it will warm your heart right up!

On the clip we brought today, you will meet a sheltie breed pup and his parakeet BFF. Even though their completely different in shape and size, they are still able to create a strong bond and play together all the time. They don’t get scared of each other at all, and the puppy friend is always handling the bird with care, so that he isn’t at risk of getting hurt. This friendship looks like it could last forever! I love videos that show friends can be together no matter what their size, or species!

Watch the video just below. What did you think of this cute pair of friends? Tell us in the comment section!

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