Peter Hollens’ acappella of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”

Peter Hollens had dedicated his life to music and had constantly impressed his fans with beautiful songs. His most recent was an a-cappella version of the beautiful 1960s song, “What a Wonderful World,” initially sung by the legendary Louis Armstrong.

The video gained numerous online followers due to its beautiful lyrics and fantastic singing. “What a Wonderful World” was a classic hit number written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss.

The song was initially sung by Louis Armstrong and released in the late 60s. The song hit the UK’s top charts but did poorly in America. However, when it was heard again in Good Morning, Vietnam, it earned Armstrong a Grammy in the 90s.

The song’s rendition by Hollens was beautiful. The intro was mind-blowing and was all a-cappella with no musical instrument accompaniment. Everything was done by him. The buzz in his voice was very friendly & clean and came together with the vocal folds and resonated in all the right areas.

Hollens had beautifully expressed the song’s lyrics with his voice. He also did complete justice to this timeless masterpiece by a legendary singer. The a-cappella arrangement was also beautifully done.

The different textures that the singer’s voice brought in were lovely. The song would make you feel emotional & the scenery in the video complimented the lyrics. It was a brilliant rendition by the talented vocalist.

The song beautifully summed up the incredible mystery and sacredness of life. It had a calming and soothing effect on its listeners and was a pure form of poetry in motion. Even the presentation of the song was at a world-class level.

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Peter Hollens\' acappella of Louis Armstrong’s \