Peter Hollens and George Watsky’s Rendition ‘See You Again’ Will Bring You To Tears

A Cover Of Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’ By Peter HollensPeter Hollens & George Watsky’s rendition of the Wiz Khalifa hit song ‘See You Again’ delivers the same upbeat energy in a totally transformed arrangement that’s perfect for the range & power of these two stars. There track is backed by vivid visuals that carry the meaning of this positive song equally as well as the winning vocals.

As a song that was written to pay honor and respect to Paul Walker of ‘Fast and Furious’ fame who had recently passed in a tragic car accident, this version manages to capture the same essence & feeling. Yet, Peter has at the same time transformed the piece into something that suits the rap of George Watsky alongside his only heavenly harmony to perfection.

Peter takes over the part of Wiz Khalifa while Watsky wins us over with vocals in the place of Charlie Puth. This recreation of ‘See You Again’ delivers flawless vocals, angelic harmony, and an impactful music video. It’s a must-see that lets you hear all new aspects of this legendary track, lifted to light by one of the best acapella artists around.

Peter Hollens and George Watsky’s Rendition \'See You Again\' Will Bring You To Tears