Peter Hollens Feat. ‘Home-Free’ Recreate The Classic Hymn ‘Amazing Grace’

John Newton’s Amazing Grace By Peter Hollens Feat. Home-FreeAcappella star Peter Hollens collaborates with his friends, vocal group ‘Home-Free,’ to put together a pleasant and powerful performance of John Newton’s ‘Amazing Grace.’ This all-vocal arrangement of one of the most prominent hymns in history is beautiful interpretation and deserves a place on every seasonal playlist.

Fans of the ‘Sing Off’ season four winners, ‘Home-Free,’ will love their approach to hymns, worship, and songs to inspire Christmas cheer. This partnership combines their legendary voice of Peter Hollens with the harmony of these six vocalists to deliver a unique sound that does the classic track justice.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ than this astounding creation of Peter Holllens featuring ‘Home-Free.’ It takes the Minnesota vocalists in a different direction from what their fans are used to and rewards us all with an acapella Christmas “miracle” that has to be heard