Peter Hollens’ Phantom of the Opera gets UNREAL when wife joins in

Peter Hollens and Evynne Hollens

Peter Hollens has given us incredible versions of many songs over the years. He always impresses with his fantastic voice and fresh arrangements. Each performance seems to get better and better.

Peter Hollens

For this performance, he reworks the ‘Phantom of the Opera Medley’ with the help of his wife, Evynne. Her voice is phenomenal, leading many commenters to wonder if this couple just sings to each other all day long in their home!

The 1st verse has an excellent bass part with multiple notes repeated to provide the driving rhythm. Evynne enters to sing the famous role of ‘Christine’ from the musical. Her voice soars over Peter’s intricate harmonies.

Evynne Hollens

The changes in the chords from the original Andrew Lloyd Webber musical version make this rendition very unique. The arrangement involves complex rhythms that take the song to new heights.

While Peter has an incredible tone for tenor and falsetto, his booming baritone range powers the verse of ‘The Music of the Night.’ Of course, he hits the epic high notes with perfection too!

Peter Hollens

The cinematic quality of the video also helps set the mood. Using multiple screens and black-and-white coloring along with shadows, Peter and Evynne capture the song’s emotion with great visuals.

Their voices are a perfect match for this song. It is like listening to a Broadway recording of the show. The talent and hard work that goes into each production are exceptional!

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Peter Hollens\' Phantom of the Opera gets UNREAL when wife joins in