Peter Hollens sings epic a cappella version of ‘Unchained Melody’

Peter Hollens’ fans all over the world are freaking out over his performance of ‘Unchained Melody.’ The lyric video shows beautiful landscapes, including green mountains, beautiful rivers, and even the ocean, behind the emotional lyrics of this classic love song.

Peter sings the lyrics, ‘Woah, my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch, a long, lonely time. And time goes by so slowly, and time can do so much. Are you still mine?’

‘Unchained Melody’ is a 1955 song with music by Alex North and lyrics by Hy Zaret. It has become one of the most recorded songs of the century. The signature rendition was recorded by ‘The Righteous Brothers’ in 1965.

The song’s publisher claims that ‘Unchained Melody’ has been recorded over 1,500 times by more than 670 artists in multiple languages. Peter’s version is one of the most complicated vocal arrangements of the tune.

Peter has a degree in vocal music performance, and while he was at school, he started an acapella group called ‘On The Rocks.’ They represented the University of Oregon, and you can hear their influence on Peter’s current work.

Peter isn’t just a great singer; he also crafts the acapella harmonies and develops the chord progressions underneath each melody. He has appeared with countless musicians and vocalists, including a stint on Broadway in the musical ‘Home for the Holidays, Live on Broadway.’

Over a billion views have proven that Peter Hollens is a vocal superstar! He is constantly producing new performances and arrangements that resonate with his followers. His ‘patrons’ have supported him over the years and typically request many songs from him.

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