Peter Hollens soothes tired souls with beautiful vocals and magnificent art

Singers Peter Hollens and Nathan Pacheco are two internationally renowned performers. Their voices are magnificent, and their cover versions of songs are fantastic.

This time, the two singers perform their rendition of a beautiful song by Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo Bocelli. The tune is titled ‘Fall on Me,’ and it was written by members of the American duo ‘Great Big World.’

The song first appeared on Andrea’s album ‘Si,’ and was featured in the movie soundtrack of ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.’ There is an English and Italian versions of ‘Fall on Me.’

Peter Hollens is a vocalist and arranger who rose to fame by producing YouTube videos of his incredible a cappella arrangements. He takes requests from his fans and delivers epic vocal performances of popular songs, Broadway musical hits, and even movie soundtracks. He’s received over a billion views since 2011.

Nathan Pacheco is an American tenor singer and songwriter of Brazilian origin. He toured with the 2009 production of ‘Yanni Voices,’ which was produced by Walt Disney Records.

Peter and Nathan sing the touching lyrics, ‘Fly like a cannonball straight to my soul. Tear me to pieces, and make me feel whole. I’m willing to fight for it and carry this weight. But with every step, I keep questioning what it’s true. Fall on me.’

The beautiful lyric video features Italian and English words on screen over top of wonderful pictures that have been generated by artificial intelligence. With or without a microphone, you can try to sing along with two of the best singers in the world on this heartfelt song.

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Peter Hollens soothes tired souls with beautiful vocals and magnificent art