Pets can have a broken heart too

Everyone has their own unique story, whether you had good or bad experiences in the past these moments affect the very nature of your soul and gets reflected in your personality. Our pets are not that different from us, they can have feelings such as happiness, pain, and anger in the exact same way than us.

Pets of all kind arrive every day to the animal shelter, some of them have been abandoned and others have been found wandering the streets. But disregarding their origins, all of them deserve the opportunity of finding a new home. Animals get adopted every week at the shelter, but one particular story taught us a wonderful lesson about how important is the treatment and care we gave to our pets.

One day a man thought it was the perfect time to adopt a doggie because he would make a great company for his wife and children. After a while, the man decided which kind of mascot he wanted, in his mind the most suitable option for him was a Golden Retriever that spotted in a local animal shelter the other day. It was a very exciting idea and a huge step on the man’s life. As expected the pet dog was chosen and taken back to his new home.

In the beginning, they were very happy with him, in a matter of days the doggie became the missing part in the heart of the family. He was really playful and had a loving character, always cheering everyone around. But there was something a little bit odd about his behavior and we are going to explain what it was.

In the bedroom, the area where the doggie rested was divided with a regular plastic gate separating it from the bed of his owner. When it was almost time to sleep for some reason he immediately walked near the fence and stand up over it spreading his rear legs. At first, it was nothing, the man believed that he was getting used to being around the house and soon it will disappear.

But night after night the dog repeated the same routine and when they started to notice this awkward conduct they took him to the vet for a general check. The doctor examined him but he found nothing unusual about him. As there was no answer to the mystery, the man went to the shelter and asked the employees if they knew something that could help him out.

When they heard about it, they told him the truth about how the doggie ended up in the shelter. It turns out that the previous owner was going to have a child and couldn’t take care of him anymore. In order to get rid of him he waited one night and took him to the shelter while he was still sleeping, the poor doggie woke up abandoned inside the bars of the shelter’s fence.

With that explanation everybody understood the way our little friend was behaving, he was still shocked and afraid of being left behind again. After that, the man removed the plastic gate from the bedroom and let the doggie sleep beside him, a new relationship based on trust was born and the result was a comfortable nap for the pet.

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