He Pets His Little Bunny On The Head. Now Watch What Happens When He Stops…

For the majority of people animals play an incredibly large part in our lives. We love to watch and learn about them, so much so that we spend a good deal of our time seeking them out to watch them. There is an endless supply of animal videos online and there is something for everyone to watch.

So that’s why many of us our guilty of spending several hours a week, yes a week, going online and watching different animal videos. What’s the reasoning behind it? They just make us happy. They make us smile and laugh and feel good so we keep on going back to watch more. That is how we found this remarkable video of a little rabbit named Dan-Dan.

Dan-Dan is a rabbit who is more than a little spoiled and has a love of cuddling and head pats. This little bundle of joy is more than a little attention seeker and is thoroughly spoiled by his owner. You can see just how much love and attention Dan-Dan gets on a daily basis simply by watching this short video of him in action.

In this adorable video you will see Dan-Dan with his owner getting his head rubbed and when his owner stops? Well Dan-Dan isn’t having it. He makes a sweet little crying noise and goes and nudges his owner to keep the pets coming, which of course always do. We wonder how long it took Dan-Dan to realize his fool proof way of getting an endless supply of attention. This is one little bunny who is living the good life that’s for sure.

Watching Dan-Dan makes you feel like cuddling up with someone and if they’re not giving you the attention that you so rightly deserve, well take it from Dan-Dan and just nudge them a little bit, we promise they’ll give in.

Watch this video of Dan-Dan and let us know what you think of his different cuddling technique. Please feel free to share this video on your social media with your family and friends.

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