This Adorable Rabbit Doesn’t Like It when His Human Stops Petting Him

Bunnies are generally known to be very docile and gentle creatures. While bunnies tend to be quite timid in nature, a house rabbit makes for a quiet, calming, and affectionate companion. However, the bunny in our video may be super sweet and adorable, but he is not your typical bunny.

Who says that only dogs and cats can whine? This adorable little bunny is about to make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about rabbits. Our bunny loves being petted and stroked. Our bunny doesn’t like it when his dad stops, though. The sound he makes is hysterical.

It seems our bunny and his dad have a fantastic routine, with bunny cuddling under a blanket, or nestled in his dad’s hand, loving the affection being doled out to him. Don’t miss this sweet and funny video.

You will laugh at the whining our bunny does when he wants more attention from his doting dad. I have no doubt you will feel relaxed after watching it.

This Adorable Rabbit Doesn\'t Like It when His Human Stops Petting Him