Ever Wonder What Your Pets Do While They Are Waiting For You?

No doubt members of the canine and feline community probably liked things better before technology made it possible for their owners to spy on them! LOL!

Yet, this is exactly what some dog and cat owners are now doing in an effort to know what their companions are doing in their absence and whether they are behaving themselves. 😉

As the footage begins to two dogs one large then the other laid on the sofa bed. The kitty cat laid in a ball on the end table. This seem to go on for a while then the larger dog gets up to go over to jump up to look out the window then goes back to lay down!

Well, at least this owner knows that his beloved pets are obedient while he is away. Either that or they knew somehow they were being watched! LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNuAnYo55y0